From the ages of 9 till 13, skateboarding was my primary mode of transportation. I loved it. Then the bottom fell out of the skateboarding business I fell out of love with the sport.

At age 35, I purchased a reissue of my first board, a Powell & Peralta Ripper. At age 40, I purchased a reissue of my favorite board, a Christian Hosoi Hammerhead. In fact, I bought two Hammerhead boards; one to ride and an autographed copy to hand down to my son.

Riding a board brings back memories of endless summer nights in Los Gatos, California. It prompts me to share time and life lessons with my nine year-old and five year-old. And it brings me joy.

At my age, some would say that I have no right to skateboard, yet I feel that I have every right to skateboard.┬áThe paste up below (click to enlarge) is for my friends at Nike. I know that I have every right to skateboard, but there’s a legion of X-ers out there that need a little push.