Originally posted on wirestone.com.

In combination, Facebook’s announcements about its revised News Feed, ad targeting enhancements, and Facebook Home for mobile devices signal its next generation offering. As users, we’ll adopt and embrace many of these changes. As advertisers, our relationship with the social network is more complex.

News Feed Personalization

Facebook’s News Feed remodel will feature bigger, brighter visuals and improved feed filters that help create a unified aesthetic across all devices. The new features give users greater control over which stories they see, leading to more relevant opportunities for brands to connect.

Ad Targeting

Recently Facebook announced that their Exchange (FBX) is beginning trials of cookie-driven ads within the News Feed, meaning that users will begin to see ads for products and services they’ve viewed outside of the social network, or possibly related to their past purchases from brick-and-mortar stores. The added data integration from data partners Acxiom, Datalogix and Epson will further enable ads that leverage transmedia customer data and demand higher ad premiums.

Home for Mobile

In addition to these News Feed and ad targeting changes comes Facebook Home. This software layer transforms select Android smartphone home screens into a bright and lively Facebook News feed and app launcher, and includes other messaging features such as Chat Heads, which allow users to receive and reply to Facebook and SMS messages.

These substantive feature rollouts prove that Facebook has no intention of ceding any ground to competitors, and given their reach, targeting, and anticipated ad ROI, brands now cannot afford to look away. Facebook is no longer a walled garden we visit 14 times daily, it’s cementing itself as the center of our digital experience.