An investor I recently spoke with stated, “I look at a company’s website and ask, would anyone care if this company went away? If the answer is no, I go on to the next thing.”

As a strategist I ask, “Has your company uniquely positioned itself in the market, and does that positioning align to your company’s mission, vision, and values?”

If the answer is “yes” to both questions above, then find ways – beyond sales – to validate that your customers feel the same way. If your customers aren’t reflecting your messaging (based on your insights about them), you’d better quickly change the conversation.


From the ages of 9 till 13, skateboarding was my primary mode of transportation. I loved it. Then the bottom fell out of the skateboarding business I fell out of love with the sport.

At age 35, I purchased a reissue of my first board, a Powell & Peralta Ripper. At age 40, I purchased a reissue of my favorite board, a Christian Hosoi Hammerhead. In fact, I bought two Hammerhead boards; one to ride and an autographed copy to hand down to my son.

Riding a board brings back memories of endless summer nights in Los Gatos, California. It prompts me to share time and life lessons with my nine year-old and five year-old. And it brings me joy.

At my age, some would say that I have no right to skateboard, yet I feel that I have every right to skateboard.┬áThe paste up below (click to enlarge) is for my friends at Nike. I know that I have every right to skateboard, but there’s a legion of X-ers out there that need a little push.