My most progressive clients understand the role strategy can play in the genesis and evolution of their products, projects, people, and their company overall. They recognize that great strategy can inform a product’s functionality, marketability, lifecycle, and on and on.

As strategists, we connect enough dots to understand the customer, to see ahead of where markets are going, and to uncover new opportunities and positioning that sets a prosperous pathway for our clients. We are responsible for pushing the boundaries of our own company’s thinking, our clients’ thinking, and of the industries and businesses we serve. If we are not breaking down walls (with tact and elegance), then we’re not pushing hard enough.

We’re not always going to transform a business, create a moment of magic, or get our client a promotion, but that should be the goal. It’s what should excite us. It’s what is exasperating, wonderful, and terrifying about what we do. We have a responsibility to make great change happen. We have an obligation to lead.

This is why I’m a strategist.